Hackensack River Bridges Introduction


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      The following pages are a picture story of water transits of the Hackensak River (New Jersey, USA) bridges. The story is told from the north at Bogota, a tidal town at the head of navigation. The vessels shown bound downriver are light 20M barrel oil barges and their tugs. Sometimes the barges are moving bow first, sometimes stern.
      Logically the story would be told going into the river, yet the winds which can blow strongly across the swamp meadows and the peculiarites of tide make the the southbound journey with a light barge more "exciting."

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      Great appreciation must be expressed to the crews of the tugs NORTH STAR and NEW HAVEN and of the barges HY-22 and HY-24, all of whom put up with a camera toting visitor with an extraordinary display of welcome, kindness, patience, helpfulness, and support. If these pages work, they get the credit.

      Apprecation must also be expressed to the management of Spentonbush/Red Star Companies, a division of the Amerada Hess Corporation. They encouraged this project and had earlier kindly supported the author's effort to learn html. Beyond their gracious interest, the river pages are without endorsement, and all mistakes and limitations remain the author's.

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      For editorial purposes some full images were adjusted after their thumbnail was made.

      The images collected on each page are from more than one run of the river. Southbound / down river movement is shown unless otherwise indicated. Tugs and barges may be different in the same series of bridge images.

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Bridge links

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* Bridges that must open for transit in either direction.
There are no bridges that must open on one leg of the trip only.